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Traumas & Food intolerance create energetic inbalance & energy blocks.

IET’s (Individual Energy Toxins) create energy blocks that limit your body’s ability to heal you. They usually come in the form of food intolerances and or traumas. This is where TFT comes in.  Using the TFT protocol I can help to identify where these blocks are and once found they can be neutralized so that you can then benefit from the true healing power of the Airnergy Device and or any other therapy that you may be using.

Viser verser the Airnergy Device can also free up energy blocks that will allow TFT to be more effective.  This is why when I do a TFT session with you over the phone or Skype, I make sure that you are using the Airnergy Device at the same time. That is the key to my Therapy: TFT+Airnergy =  Synergy or 1+1=3.

Obviously this requires you to be using an Airnergy Device at the time of the TFT session. Please contact me to discuss the best way to do this. [email protected]

Traumas create energy blocks

A classic example of this is a panic attack or Phobia. A few years ago I treated a lovely Spanish woman Marta. (Interestingly I speak virtually no Spanish and Marta at the time spoke no English. The TFT session was carried out using an interpreter - Marta’s brother in law).

Marta’s problem was that she could not go into lifts on her own, (her Sister and Brother in Law live on the 15th floor of a block of flats). She also felt very uncomfortable in small spaces, especially in the back of cars, where she often felt physically sick. (These are not life threatening symptoms, but it does help to explain what causes Energy blocks. Energy blocks can be the cause of (or exacerbate) serious chronic conditions such as: M.E. Chronic Fatigue, COPD, Macular degeneration etc.)

The Cause – Marta had been in a car accident some years before this, and this was her Trauma. This caused an energy block that made her feel Very unhappy in certain situations that to the untrained eye seemed to be unrelated i.e not being able to go into a lift.

I am happy to report that Marta visits her Sister & Brother in Law often and is very comfortable going into the tiny lift space, even on her own. And she is happy even in the back of a car.

This happy outcome is typical of what can be achieved in one TFT session. (Go here:Video Examples)

Traumas can also cause food intolerances. (Food intolerances can also be identified over the phone or Skype (using Voice Technology).

A Trauma can be a bad experience, something that you may have even forgotten about. These can also be identified over the phone or using Skype.

Important – Using the TFT protocol to identify Traumas that exacerbate or create chronic symptoms does not necessarily mean that we need to discuss a Traumatic event in detail. TFT is not Cognitive Therapy where we have to discuss a Trauma in detail, (sadly making the patient relive it again & again). I will simply ask you to be quietly thinking about the relevant experience. Dr. Callahan describes this as the patient just getting into the Thought Field, and then the Therapy can begin. 

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